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Charles Finger

(Charles J. Finger)


(1869 - 1941)

Charles Finger

Charles Joseph Finger (December 25, 1869 – January 7, 1941) was a British author.

He was born in Willesden, England and attended King’s College London. He traveled extensively as a young man, visiting North America, South America, and Africa. He eventually settled in the United States, in the Ozarks, Arkansas.

He became the acting editor of the Reedy’s Mirror after William Marion Reedy’s death in 1920.

His book Tales from Silver Lands (1924) won the 1925 Newbery Medal. The book is a collection of stories from Central and South America. Some of Finger’s other works include Bushrangers (1924), Tales Worth Telling (1927), Courageous Companions (1929), and A Dog at His Heel (1936).