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The Odyssey Library Series

A series of small oblong books of about fifty pages on general topics with many illustrations.

Books in the The Odyssey Library series:

Ancient Rome (1964)

A brief illustrated history of ancient Rome.

Author(s): Roger Butterfield
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

Archaeology (1964)

An illustrated look at the high points of archaeology.

Author(s): C. W. Ceram
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

Architecture (1964)

A short history of buildings and their decoration from the awesome to the grotesque.

Author(s): Mario Di Valmarana
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

The History of the Theater (1964)

A short history of the theater based on theater buildings and set design.

Author(s): Hannelore Marek
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

The Sailing Ship (1964)

A history of the development of sailing ships from the Egyptians to the Thomas W. Lawson, a seven-masted schooner of 1902.

Author(s): Jan de Hartog
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

Elizabethan England (1965)

A very British short history of the reign of the virgin queen.

Author(s): Anthony West
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

Great Furniture Styles, 1660-1830 (1965)

An illustrated history of classic furniture.

Author(s): Donald D. MacMillan
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier