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Adam of the Road


Author(s):Elizabeth Janet Gray
Illustrator(s):Robert Lawson
Publisher(s): The Viking Press
Year Published: 1942
Type: Hardcover
Genre: British
Historical Fiction – Renaissance
Age Range: Ages 7-9: Short Chapter Books
Pages: 317
ISBN-10: 0670104353
ISBN-13: 9780140324648
LCCN: 42010681
OCLC: 732688632


In this story of thirteenth-century England, Adam travels from St. Albans Abbey to Winchester to Oxford in search of his father, a strolling player.

The Newbery Award seal was applied to the dust jacket by the time of the second printing in June 1943. The paper in the first printing is unusually heavy for a war time book, but by the second and third printings, it had noticably decreased in thickness.

The green cloth binding of the first printing became blue in subsequent printings.

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