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The Perils of Greatness

(The Story of Alexander Menzikoff)


Author(s):Gustav Nieritz
Illustrator(s):Walter Crane
Publisher(s): Walter Nimmo
Year Published: 1865
Type: Hardcover
Genre: Biography
Age Range: Ages 13-18: Young Adult
Pages: 124
OCLC: 562219180


A biography of Alexander Danilovich Menshikov, who rose from selling pirozhki on the streets of Moscow to Marshall, then Generalission of the Russian Imperial Army.

Famously corrupt, he temporarily managed to save himself by joining in the elevation of Catherine as empress but on her death was stripped of his wealth and position and exiled to Siberia where he died.

His Menshikov Palace in St. Petersburg now houses the Hermitage museum.

Read for free online at the University of Florida.