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A Gentleman of Leisure

(The Intrusion of Jimmy)


Author(s):P. G. Wodehouse
Illustrator(s):Andrzej Klimwoski
Publisher(s): The Overlook Press
Year Published: 2003
Type: Hardcover
Genre: American
Fiction - novel
Age Range: Ages 13-18: Young Adult
Pages: 269
ISBN-10: 1585673919
ISBN-13: 9781585673919
OCLC: 52151403


A wealthy New York batchelor falls in love on an Atlantic crossing. While burgling a house to fulfill a bet, he meets the girl again. A year later their paths cross in England and he proposes, but as P.G. Wodehouse is in charge, the course of true love does not run smooth. The novel was made into a play ‘After the Show’ by Wodehouse and Herbert Westbrook and filmed several times.

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