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The Magic of Oz

(The magic of Oz; a faithful record of the remarkable adventures of Dorothy and Trot and the Wizard of Oz, together with the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger and Cap’n Bill, in their successful search for a magical and beautiful birthday present for Princess Ozma of Oz)


Author(s):L. Frank Baum
Illustrator(s):John R. Neill
Publisher(s): Reilly & Lee
Year Published: 1919
Type: Hardcover
Genre: American
Fantasy – American
Fiction - novel
Age Range: Ages 7-9: Short Chapter Books
Pages: 266
LCCN: 19015894
OCLC: 924293475


The Magic of Oz relates the unsuccessful attempt of the Munchkin boy Kiki Aru and the former Nome King Ruggedo to conquer Oz. Read online at Hathitrust.