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Jeffery Farnol


(1878 - 1952)

Jeffery Farnol

John Jeffery Farnol (February 10, 1878 – August 9, 1952) was an English author, known for his many romantic novels, some formulaic and set in the English Regency period, and swashbucklers. He with Georgette Heyer founded the Regency romantic genre; two of his early books, The Amateur Gentleman and The Broad Highway, have been issued in a version edited by Barbara Cartland.


The Amateur Gentleman (1913)

Barnabas Barty comes into the possession of a vast fortune and determines to use it to become a gentleman. He must first knock his father down, although as respectfully as may be. Read online at

Author(s): Jeffery Farnol
Illustrator(s): Herman Pfeifer

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